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5/19/2021 5:11 am  #1

Some Survival Tips

Here are some good survival tips for you and your Families & Friends

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5/19/2021 5:31 am  #2

Re: Some Survival Tips

You can make a Hand Made Emergency Mini Stove that doesn't require any electricity or gas in order to be functional.

What you do is you just take 4 Tall Religious Candles that you can purchase at almost any retail store. Then, you tape all 4 of them evenly and closely together, and you sit them on top of the middle of your gas or electric stove in your kitchen.

Then you light each of the taped up candles, 1 by 1, in a well ventilated area, in order to keep the smoke of their flames from setting off any alarms.

Then, you take one of the metal stove tops from off of your gas or electric stove in your kitchen and then you place it carefully on the top of the 4 pre lit and taped up candles which should by now be sitting in the middle of the top of your gas or electric stove.

Then, you find a small pan, and fill it with water about half way. Then, you set it on the metal stove top that you placed on the top of the 4 candles, but not so that it covers any of their flames completely, or they will be extinguished. Leave some air for them to be able to breath.

Then, you cover the pan with a glass plate, and wait for the water in the pan to boil.

Once the water has properly boiled, and you can visually see the steam coming out from the pan, then you would take whatever you are trying to cook, preferably rice, noodles, beans, or vegetables, and you place them in the boiled water to be cooked.

After about 1 hour or so, you should have yourself a well cooked meal ready to eat.

You can also cook eggs and other things this way with or without water. Feel free to experiment with different foods.

ALWAYS make sure to blow out all 4 of the candles after you have cooked your meal, not only to save the wax for future cooking, but also so that you can reduce your chances of having any accidents occur or any accidental fires starting.

This video shows you what these Tall Religious Candles actually look like:

Here is another video which displays these Tall Religious Candles:

Your Hand Made Mini Stove can also double as an Emergency Space Heater during times of dangerously cold weather.

Again though, the 4 candles must always be blown out before you fall asleep, or after you are done cooking. So as not to start any unwanted fires.

God Bless.

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